Type 500PLUS

Comfort with increased protection against break-in and WK2 fitting technology

Type 500plus gives even greater security. Equipped with the GAYKOGVS opposing lock bolt system at the bottom and on the hinge side, 6 security locking points, anti-drill protection in the handle, and GAYKOESP (extremely stable profile fastening) also in the sash, your windows are absolutely secure against levering out and classified WK2. For even higher security requirements we recommend the DIN-certified and outstanding security concept GAYKOSafeGA: Upgraded with a lockable security handle and graduated safety glazing, it provides protection against break-ins up to WK3.


Features additional to type 100

Stable construction:

  • with GAYKOESP in sash profile in
    addition to frame

Ease of use: 

  • GAYKOGVS****
    (bottom and hinge side)

WK2 security:

  • 6-8 security locking points
  • anti-drill protection to prevent the handle from being drilled open from outside

****   from sash rebate
  width 571 mm x sash rebate height 601 mm