Wussten Sie schon: Dass alle vor 1995 produzierten Fenster technisch völlig veraltet sind?


Moving without barriers

Fenster Barrierefrei 1

Barrier-free participation in social life implies access without hurdles and obstacles for disabled and older people. The relevant legal basis is in the regional building regulations (of the German states) and in the issued DIN standards. There are special obligations in matters of "freedom from barriers" for the operators or providers of public buildings or residential buildings and homes for disabled or old people. Consult your GAYKO specialist partner.

Safe door thresholds

Live without compromises

Treat yourself to a virtually fluent transition from indoors to outdoors. Physically handicapped and old people in particular appreciate the comfort and safety of a barrier-free bottom sill with a low height. GAYKO door systems enable barrier-free implementation suitable for wheelchairs for unhindered access to the outside, and with all the benefits of a thermally insulated window. On request, also with motor-drive system and remote control. Consult your GAYKO specialist partner.


Barrier-free ease of use

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Experience all the simplicity of barrier-free living. With GAYKO Comfort, it become child's play to open, close or tilt the window. With the low position of the window handle, the window can be closed or opened even when sitting or reaching over barriers without any great effort. The window open, tilts and closes automatically simply by moving the lever.

GAYKO E-Comfort

Automatic ventilation

zubehör Fensterfalzlüfter

GAYKO windows with E-Comfort take care of correct ventilation automatically. Their E-comfort technology is complete hidden in the window frame. High level of convenience with very simple operation by a switch unit or by wireless remote control. Just relax - with GAYKO E-comfort the ventilation works automatically. The clever technology even helps to reduce energy consumption.

Optimal planning reliability, with sound insulation, thermal insulation and security from GAYKO

Optimal planning reliability, with sound insulation, thermal insulation and security from GAYKO