Wussten Sie schon: Dass alle vor 1995 produzierten Fenster technisch völlig veraltet sind?


Magnetic closure system

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As a leading innovator, GAYKO has a number of components to form the foundations for an intelligent and therefore more efficient building systems technology. Cable controlled magnetic closing and opening sensors in the fittings (MVS, VdS-certified) can send a signal to any connected control or alarm system if windows and doors are not closed. Failure to lock can also be reported. In the event of an attempted break-in, the reed contact is switched and the alarm is initiated.


Security with a powerful draught

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Smoke and heat extraction system. The tasks of a smoke and heat extraction system include primarily the securing of escape routes and thus the saving of human lives. In addition, it prevents or delays an explosion-like ignition and provides thermal relief to the building structure. A smoke and heat extraction system helps to avoid buildings filling completely with smoke and reduces the danger of an early collapse. Consequential fire damage is reduced.


Ingeniously easy ventilation for increased well-being

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There are a great many sources of moisture in every building: Water vapour is generated in the kitchen and the bathroom and even the occupants constantly give off moisture. Condensation and the formation of mould and damp represent extreme dangers to health. You can prevent them!

The window frame ventilation system takes care of controlled air change and safe dehumidification. The humidity in the rooms is reduced to a level appropriate for the activities in the rooms, mould formation is reliably avoided and harmful substances are continually removed. It responds mechanically and autonomously to changes in air pressure, so it always introduces the right amount of fresh air. It does not require a power supply, is quick to install and is no trouble to install as an upgrade.

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E-Comfort with EVSv: the concealed electronic locking system is the most elegant way of controlling the indoor climate and saving energy at the same time. The EVSv system tilts and locks automatically. It is operated by pushbutton, remote control or fully automatically. Manual operation is possible without having to switch over.

Optimal planning reliability, with sound insulation, thermal insulation and security from GAYKO