Cover Fusion

Wussten Sie schon: Dass alle vor 1995 produzierten Fenster technisch völlig veraltet sind?

High-quality and varied range of looks

GAYKOFUSION - Strength of design in all the details

With GAYKOFUSION designing the exterior of the window becomes your individual pleasure: GAYKOFUSION are aluminium facings firmly bonded to the PVC sections. With their carefully joined right-angles they ensure an exclusive appearance. Their high-quality powder coating is impressive with its ease of care and weather resistance. Your windows will look as good years later as on the first day. For interior design of the frames there is a range of decorative films in wood and single-shade finishes. Their surfaces are finely structured and deceptively like a wooden window. Tip: Combine GAYKOFUSION with the GAYKOEDS finish.


An unbeatable pair with real variety

GAYKOFUSION extends the variety of styles and offers you a new appearance for windows and doors to complement GAYKOEDS. GAYKOFUSION is flexible in its installation depth (70 or 90 mm) and available in many colours. The amount of care required is as little as with a PVC window. Give your house a high-class appearance. Ask your GAYKO specialist dealer.

With all the benefits of a modern PVC window

Together with the patented leading technologies GAYKOESP (extremely stable profile fastening) and GAYKOGVS (opposing lock bolt system), GAYKOEDS and GAYKOFUSION are winners all the way: in thermal and sound insulation, security and functionality, convenience and durability. GAYKOESP guarantees that the hinges can carry three times as great a load as those of conventional windows, and the GAYKOGVS system makes our windows absolutely proof against levering out, but still easy to open and close and convenient to operate. Get the maximum visual effect, with the minimum need for maintenance (never paint again).