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Wussten Sie schon: Dass alle vor 1995 produzierten Fenster technisch völlig veraltet sind?


GAYKO handle

GVS Technikinfo 1

The self-locking GAYKO handle. The self-locking handle latches tightly when the window is closed.


Striker plates with GAYKOESP

ESP Technikinfo 5

Striker plates screwed very securely with GAYKOESP. With GAYKOESP the screws of the GAYKOGVS security striker plates in the window frame are firmly held in steel and the solid hard-PVC rails.


Windows with internal values:

The elaborate "inner life" of GAYKO windows, with GAYKOESP and GAYKOGVS working perfectly together, and the 500PLUS option with WK2 fittings technology, guarantees security against the window being levered out.



Superior technology in the practical test

Common closure system
GAYKOGVS (patented).

In most windows the mushroom bolts of the closure system all run in the same direction when the window is closed and it is therefore child’s play to lever them out in the opposite direction.

In GAYKOGVS, the mushroom bolts run in opposite directions. This “clawing” brings considerable advantages in terms of security. The window sash is impossible to shift, since any attempt to lever out the window, regardless of the direction, always generates an effective opposing and stopping force.


Years of durability

The reduced force required and the lower rate of wear when opening and closing the window, resulting from the smaller number of locking points with GAYKOGVS ensures that even after many years your windows will still give you unclouded pleasure. This is particularly important for the window sashes that are heavier because of the greater thermal insulation and the security glazing that are usual nowadays for saving energy and protection against break-ins and noise.