Wussten Sie schon: Dass alle vor 1995 produzierten Fenster technisch völlig veraltet sind?

Windows installed before 1995 burn up your money!

Development of thermal insulation parameters over different building periods

The law mentioned the insulation values of windows in the calculations for the Heat Insulation Ordinance for the first time in 1994. Window technology had to make big advances to comply with the new requirements.

The costs of energy were then only a fraction of today's costs. Thermal insulation and well insulated windows were therefore not particularly significant in the planning of buildings. It was only with the dramatic increases in energy costs (prices of heating oil and gas) that the demands on insulation values rose and were made a general stipulation in the new Heat Insulation Ordinance in 1994. Old single-glazed windows or windows with old insulating glazing used to have a Uw value (formerly K value) of 5.0 to 2.9 W/(m2K). With an appropriate window renovation the Uw value today is up to five times smaller!




Did you know: that all windows manufactured before 1995 are ENERGY GOBBLERS?