Wussten Sie schon: Dass alle vor 1995 produzierten Fenster technisch völlig veraltet sind?

Conserve resources, save energy, reduce costs

Meet future standards today


The window of the future needs very good thermal insulation and must have glazing able to make use of solar thermal energy. This use of energy has a positive effect on the energy balance - beneficial both for valuable resources and for the client's purse. GAYKOPASSIV is the development of a window unit having optimal energy properties, that already complies with the values of future legal standards.

GAYKOPASSIV has a special frame construction and in combination with the most modern thermal glazing units achieves an outstanding Uw value of 0.73 W/(m2K) and a remarkable total energy transmission ratio of 47 %. GAYKOPASSIV is triple-glazed, which is certified as "component suitable for a passive house". That is real environment protection with a future!


Systematic thermal insulation by GAYKO PASSIV

High-Tech insulated glazing


The life quality and comfort of your home are considerably influenced by heat losses through the windows. With Gayko Super thermal insulation glass you get the best insulation values: the triple pane construction and argon gas filling achieve an outstanding Ug value of 0.5 W/(m2K).


‘Warm edge’ stops cold bridges and humidity

Warme Kante

It's not only through the glass that a house loses heat - there are also huge losses of heat in the edge bond of the panes. The "warm edge" helps to reduce cold bridges and condensed water at the edge of the pane. This optimises temperature distribution over the whole surface, the atmosphere in the room is noticeably improved and build-up of mould is effectively reduced.


Thermal breaks with GAYKOTGS


For further improving the thermal insulation properties of a window, thermal breaks in the frame and sash are useful. In the GAYKOTGS, the entire window is separated thermally into two halves and all cold bridges are removed.


Did you know: that all windows manufactured before 1995 are ENERGY GOBBLERS?