Wussten Sie schon: Dass alle vor 1995 produzierten Fenster technisch völlig veraltet sind?

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Very strong and proven

Security glass up to resistance class RC 3

Smash the glass? Almost impossible with security glass. For instance GAYKOSafeGA safety glass of class B1: it consists of several glass layers bonded together with a transparent very tear-resistant film. This glass is so strong that to make a hole only 40 x 40 cm, an intruder would need to hit it up to 50 times with a heavy axe. That requires energy and a lot of time! For private houses, safety glass panes with a resistance against manual attack category RC 2 P4A (A3) or RC 3 P6B (B1) are usually used. That gives reliable protection.


Patented design with GAYKOESP and GAYKOGVS

Lever out GAYKO window frames? Virtually no chance.

The sophisticated interior of GAYKOSafeGA windows ensures the highest standard of security. The workings of GAYKOESP and GAYKOGVS together give a decisive advantage in security matters. The fittings and locking parts of GAYKOGVS (counter-movement locking system) are absolutely rigidly bolted. The bolts of all fittings are screwed firmly into the plastic, the steel and into a further hard-PVC strip (GAYKOESP) that forms a kind of spine through the whole window frame and casement frame. They are as firm as bolt anchors in the wall - firmly anchored and extremely strong. Shifting the casement is impossible. Any attempt to lever out the window, regardless of the direction, always meets an opposing force that stops it, whereas conventional windows can be levered out in some direction in under 10 seconds.

Self-latching and lockable

The GAYKO security handle with anti-drill protection

The strong GAYKOSafeGA security handles are lockable and latch all the moving locking parts of the fitting absolutely immovably. They reliably stop any attempt at levering out. The extremely high traction and lateral forces that act on the fittings during an attempt at levering out, and can force locking pins out of their striker plates, are blocked by the latching mechanism. The handles of GAYKOSafeGA fittings include a anti-drill protection that reliably protects the mechanism of the fitting against drilling attempts.

Did you know that almost 50% of break-ins are through the window?