Wussten Sie schon: Dass alle vor 1995 produzierten Fenster technisch völlig veraltet sind?

GAYKOSafeGA designs

Good advice to be sure


Few manufacturers have concerned themselves with the question of security as much as GAYKO. The GAYKOSafeGA concept, repeatedly praised by experts, provides individual solutions and an all-round high level of security against the use of force. Experts generally recommend fitting GAYKOSafeGA windows around the easily accessible ground floor. Your GAYKO specialist partner will provide you with a security plan tailored for your home. Moreover: All GAYKO window types can be fitted or upgraded later with all the GAYKOSafeGA options (up to resistance class 3). Ask your specialist dealer.

The awarded GAYKOSafeGA versions
SafeGA 5000** 5000impact** 6000** 8000**
Resistance class (RC) RC 2 RC 2 RC 2 RC 3

Add-on for reinforcing frames and casements - - -

Number of locking points (depends on window size)
6-8* 6-8* 6-8* up to 14
Strengthened locking handle (100 Nm), autolatching handle, lockable
Anti-drill protection
Special lock parts of steel
Security glazing*** to DIN EN 356 (Ug-values depend on the system and pane structure) P4A (A1)
P4A impact
P6B (B1)
P6B (B1)
Certified to
Vds-recognized (German Association of Property Insurers)
Available for all GAYKO types all GAYKO types all GAYKO types GAYKOVISION

* Opposing locking pins on the underside (except SafeGA 8000) and on the hinge side with interlocking special locking parts of steel.
**  To protect the window the glazing is secured against the pane being forced inwards. 
*** Hurricane glazing

Did you know that almost 50% of break-ins are through the window?