Wussten Sie schon: Dass alle vor 1995 produzierten Fenster technisch völlig veraltet sind?

Electronic solutions

Wireless remote control - you stay relaxed in your seat


Wireless remote control


GAYKO windows make life easier! From your comfortable chair, you control everything that you want to adjust. Or, it adjusts even more easily - on its own. With a single wireless remote control windows, roller shutters or sun blinds can be opened or closed singly or together. Enjoy adjusting your environment to your requirements for warmth, privacy or ventilation all together whenever you feel like it. And enjoy the convenience of automatic drives and the advantages of remote control.


Your window thinks for itself when there is wind or rain!

With the appropriate sensors and an electronic locking system you no longer need to fear changeable weather, such as when you are away. When there is rain or strong wind, your window closes automatically. Of course, your window is no trouble to open manually or to operate by remote control - whichever you want. For your e-comfort, there are many options, including for your security, for controlled ventilation or simply to make things easy for you.

Alarm sensors in the glass

Zubehör Glassysteme

Alarm wires and sensor

The proven GAYKOSafeGA is already there to leave the potential intruder out in the rain. Further protection can be provided by contacts in the fittings and alarm wires in the glass, combined with an alarm system. With this VdS-approved system your home becomes a virtually impenetrable fortress. When force is used, the alarm sensor and alarm wires integrated in the security glass send information to the alarm system and trigger it.

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