Wussten Sie schon: Dass alle vor 1995 produzierten Fenster technisch völlig veraltet sind?

GAYKO ventilation systems

Better indoor climate for more well-being

A good indoor climate is essential for well-being and refreshing sleep. That's why it is important to have regular and controlled ventilation. There are many sources of moisture in every building, bring the risk of condensation, and the formation of mould and damp. The air in bathrooms and kitchens in particular has a high humidity. New buildings are not free of this, especially as they often need to dry out first, adding moisture to the air in the rooms. Condensation and the formation of mould and damp represent dangers to health and the building fabric. That need not occur! GAYKO ventilation systems ventilate your house every day, provide quality of life and long-lasting well-being.

The effective simple solution

The invisible window frame ventilation system


Window frame ventilation system

The window-frame ventilation system from GAYKO is installed concealed within the window frame and is invisible from outside. The window remains closed and provides full security. The window-frame ventilator responds mechanically and autonomously to changes in wind pressure on the building, always introducing the right amount of fresh air. It does not require a power supply and operates without maintenance and independently of the occupants' timetables. The humidity in the rooms is reduced to a level appropriate for the activities in the rooms, mould formation is reliably avoided and harmful substances are continually removed.

Ventilation controlled to suit the room

Wall ventilation systems for allergy sufferers

zubehör Allergie

Wall-mounted ventilator

Controlled ventilation, e.g. for people with allergies or particularly humid rooms such as baths and kitchens can be achieved with ventilation systems that are tailored to suit the rooms and installed separately from the windows, that can be fitted with additional filters, e.g. for dust or pollen. The windows are not opened, so no unfiltered air enters. The system is installed separately in each room and can easily be installed as an upgrade; it improves the quality of life and gives a clearly more positive energy balance.

Electronic control

Convenient: tilt-ventilation systems

Zubehör Kipplüftungssystem

Tilt-ventilation system

The single-stage night vent facility or the stay arm with several locking positions tilt the window to a fixed angle to provide an adequate supply of air. The concealed electronic (EVS) locking system is the most elegant way of controlling the indoor climate and saving energy at the same time. EVSv is fully integrated into the window, and cannot be seen. The ambience in the room is therefore unaffected. The EVSv system tilts and locks automatically. It is operated by pushbutton, remote control or fully automatically. Manual operation is possible without having to switch over. For hard-to-reach and inaccessible windows the motorised E-comfort system is available and can optionally also be programmed. This is a great help for older people.

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