Wussten Sie schon: Dass alle vor 1995 produzierten Fenster technisch völlig veraltet sind?

GAYKO roller-shutter systems

Protection from sun, overlooking and insects

Zubehör Rolloksten

Built-in box. Unlike the built-on roller shutter, the box of the built-in roller shutter is fitted on the window unit itself. The installation is done together with the window. The built-in roller blind is also available with an integrated insect protection.



Built-on box of aluminium. They can be installed either "invisibly" into the façade or as a visual highlight as part of the façade design. Roller blinds with built-on boxes are also available with integrated insect protection.

Even the best window doesn't keep everything out: You might be subject to the hot midday sun, too much light coming in or inquisitive neighbours. The GAYKO roller shutter systems are for these cases. Whether  built-in or built-on they meet your wishes in your house.

To ensure that your window also looks good when closed, the GAYKO roller shutter systems are available in a wide range of designs. Built-in roller shutters in white or a range of wood finishes to suit your windows, visible or invisible. Round to accentuate, or flat-sided aluminium add-on boxes. Slats of PVC or aluminium and of course in nearly all colours of the rainbow.


Additional screening


GAYKO roller shutters give the right level of shade in no time. This means heat, glare or unwanted reflections from TV screens are a thing of the past. A further option is a blind to protect from the sun, made of a textile material, that darkens the room somewhat less than the other types. The materials, available in 20 beautiful colours, are tear-resistant, frost-proof, water-repellant and withstand high levels of hear.

Roller shutters

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Sturdy quality for many years of pleasure
The tough construction of GAYKO roller shutters and the use of the best materials are guarantors of long-lasting and reliable operation of your roller shutter. The boxes are powder coated, non-corroding and never need to be re-painted. Guide rails and end pieces likewise. With built-on boxes, maintenance is by easy access from outside.



Slats - long-lasting and easy to care for
PVC or aluminium: Aluminium slats have a thick coat of paint and are very durable. The slats made of PVC are also of high quality, are somewhat lighter and available with insulation for increased thermal performance.

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