Wussten Sie schon: Dass alle vor 1995 produzierten Fenster technisch völlig veraltet sind?


The construction makes the difference

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Compared, for example, to 10 years ago, totally different demands are placed on windows today with regard to improved thermal insulation, sound insulation and security, and rightly so. The predominant solution is multiple glazing – that means a higher pane weight and, hence, a higher sash weight. This weight, almost three times as high, has to be taken into account when designing the windows. The modern window is much better from a technological point of view, but also heavier! GAYKO windows are constructively reinforced so well that they can cope with all loads without problem. Even in future!

Perfect construction for the current high pane weights


GAYKOESP guarantees perfect construction for very high stability, pull-out resistance and a very strong structure with specially reinforced hinges. The screws not only bore into PVC and steel, but also into the circumferential GAYKOESP hard PVC strip, which makes the hinge three times stronger than in conventional windows.

Better security and ease of movement for years to come


How secure is your building really? The latest statistics from the Federal Criminal Police Office prove: a break-in occurs every 2 minutes in Germany! However, most architects and house owners are either not aware of this fact and hazard, or they block it out. This hazard can be effectively prevented by protective measures, especially in the façade area. Appropriately secured windows and doors are thereby the most important components. Thanks to the patented GAYKOGVS fitting technology, GAYKO windows require fewer closing points in order to achieve better results for stability and security against break-in. And fewer closing points mean less wear, less adjustment, less expenditure of force in opening and closing and therefore more ease of use! Learn more about GAYKO security technology and the outstanding SafeGA products under the  heading "Security".



Thermal insulation technology from GAYKO

The thermal insulation system from GAYKO offers you a new generation of windows with the latest technology. High-tech thermal insulation glass, "warm edge" and thermal break (GAYKOTGS) in the frame and the casements make your home more cosy and comfortable. In the winter they maintain the surface temperature of the frame and the inner pane close to the room temperature. The patented GAYKOESP gives the ideal design for heavier panes and provides strength and long life for your windows. You can learn more about GAYKO thermal insulation technology under the heading "Thermal insulation".

High efficiency:

High-tech insulating glass units


In windows intended to provide optimal thermal insulation, the glazing plays an important role. GAYKO already offers you very good high-tech insulated glazing with a Ug value of 1.1 W/(m²K) in the standard version. With Gayko Super insulating glass units you get the best values of all: The triple pane argon gas-filled construction achieves the outstanding Ug value of 0.5 W/(m2K), which makes it suitable even for passive houses.

Stop cold bridges

"warm edge"

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It's not only through the glass that a house loses heat - there are also huge losses in the bonding at the edges of the panes. The "warm edge" helps to reduce cold bridges and condensed water at the edge of the pane. Temperature distribution is optimized over the whole surface, the atmosphere in the room is noticeably improved and build-up of mould is effectively reduced.

Thermal breaks



For further improving the thermal insulation properties of a window, a thermal break between the frame and the casement is useful. In the GAYKOTGS, the entire window is separated thermally into two halves and all cold bridges are removed. This helps to achieve such a high energy efficiency that GAYKO windows are also suitable for passive houses.


Sound insulation technology from GAYKO

The human body already begins to react with increased stress at values above 40 dB, which can be reached, for example, due to office noise. Constant road traffic noise or a nearby motorway, aircraft noise or living close to a railway line – these are all constant nuisances than can even make you ill. Even in supposedly “quiet” residential areas it can become too loud just due to the general rush hour traffic. Prevent stress-related illnesses due to noise by fitting sound insulating windows by GAYKO on the sides of your building that are affected.

With increased sound insulation, the thicknesses of the outer and inner panes are different. Rule of thumb: The more the panes differ in thickness, the higher is the sound reduction index. Certified noise-reducing windows from GAYKO are available for sound insulation classes 1 to 5 (25 - 49 dB), offering you a suitable design for every situation. Under the heading "sound insulation" you can learn more about GAYKO sound insulation engineering and soundproofing technology.

Increased sound insulation

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By joining two single panes with a film a high pane mass is combined with a low flexural rigidity. This significantly improves the sound insulation.

High-tech sound insulation

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Noise from outside has no chance. Keep it out with high-tech sound insulating glazing by GAYKO for an enormous reduction in sound levels.

GAYKO windows can take the knocks

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The GAYKOESP’s Extremely Stable Profile fastening increases the resilience of the fittings by a factor of three - vital for heavy windows.

Optimal planning reliability, with sound insulation, thermal insulation and security from GAYKO