Wussten Sie schon: Dass alle vor 1995 produzierten Fenster technisch völlig veraltet sind?

Lift-slide doors and lift-slide-tilt doors.


Parallel tilt and slide doors


Folding sliding door


High-Tech for high-quality living

A piece of living landscape

With GAYKO sliding door designs you create free space: With a sliding door you can harmoniously combine indoor and outdoor charms at any time. A sliding door is both a design element and an eye-catcher. It opens up new spaces for living and brings a piece of nature into your home. Slim frames give a large glass area and the greatest possible transparency. We guarantee you the maximum strength and optimal static properties, together with both very high resistance to driving rain and thermal insulation.

Lift-slide doors and lift-slide-tilt doors.

Space-saving, very high quality, very safe and recommended for particularly large door panels - the lift-slide door ( up to 3 m panel width) for opening and closing by sliding and the lift-slide-tilt door for additional tilting of the movable panel. Fitted with very shallow thresholds, they are particularly suitable for living without barriers and provide a nearly seamless transition to the outdoors.

Parallel tilt and slide doors

The entirely practical and somewhat lower-cost renovation solution, particularly when there is too little space for French windows, but also suitable for a new building. The parallel tilt and slide door can, as the name suggests, be tilted for ventilation and be slid to the side to allow passage for people. It is very well suited for installing later, e.g. when replacing smaller windows by a movable sliding door.

Folding sliding doors

With folding sliding doors you can simply push large areas (up to 6 m width) to the side. The doors fold together inwards on hinges on one side. Ideal for generously dimensioned living rooms or, for example, conservatories and very large areas.

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