Wussten Sie schon: Dass alle vor 1995 produzierten Fenster technisch völlig veraltet sind?

Windows with muntins:


Sprosse EDS

Muntins change the appearance of your house subtly but effectively by elegantly dividing up the picture of the façade and giving it an unmistakable character. In the interiors they lend an incomparable genteel charm and make every room seem inviting and warm. As soon as they are seen they give the impression of caring but not oppressive details and convey the character of a special atmosphere.

Consult your GAYKO specialist partner because in choosing the type of muntin, as with assessing the right proportions, a trained eye and long experience are very helpful.


separating muntins

Sprosse 1

Inside view of the "genuine" muntin separating panes of glass

Also on the inside the genuine muntin appears flamboyant and classic. The separate glass panes are held by the muntins. Those who value genuine style and exclusiveness will choose this classical form.


separating muntins

sprosse 2

Outside view of the "genuine" muntin separating panes of glass

As the name implies, this type of muntin corresponds to the traditional way of subdividing windows. The glass panes are fully separate as in traditional window construction.



Sandwiched muntins

sprosse 5

Sandwiched muntins

The muntin is located between the panes of glass and is in many cases very narrow. The surface of the window pane remains smooth. This combines a decorative appearance with ease of cleaning.



Applied muntins

sprosse 3

Applied glazing bar with spacer between the panes ("Viennese bar")

In these applied muntins there is a profile bar in the space between the glass panes, which gives the bar a deceptively genuine appearance, even close-up. Applied muntins are usually a little narrower than "genuine" muntins. That increases the amount of light entering.


Applied muntins

sprosse 4

Applied muntin without a spacer between the panes

The low-cost variant with the classical appearance. An advantage of this type of bar is that it does not result in a thermal  bridge.

No change to the UW value of the window. 


Brass and lead muntin

sprosse 6

Sandwiched muntin for traditional appearance with brass, silver or dark bronze colour

They too sit between the glass panes keeping the window very easy to clean.