Wussten Sie schon: Dass alle vor 1995 produzierten Fenster technisch völlig veraltet sind?

The standard GAYKO range: self-latching, clear good-looking design, colour matchable to window and interior.

The GAYKO design line in stainless steel. Self-latching, with distinctive lines and classic stainless steel quality.

The GAYKO classic line, in brass. With exclusive handle designs and technically up to date.

Absolute confidence of style

Fittings for all tastes

GAYKO handles are very well designed ergonomically and equipped to operate perfectly. They are easy to operate and good looking. As regards security the standard model has a self-locking latch that prevents the fitting from being moved from outside. For even higher security we recommend the lockable GAYKOSafeGA security handle. Choose from a balanced range of design lines and materials to suit your own style. Classical or modern.

Good-looking, secure, easy to care for

Invisible fittings

The standard GAYKO fittings already have a refined appearance and great strength. Often, with a beautiful home, the demands on window design also grow. Your windows are even more aesthetically pleasing when they incorporate outstanding but inconspicuous technology. The concealed V-Tec fitting lies concealed, entirely invisible from outside, setting the standards. It is available for all GAYKO window systems.


Everything within grasp: safety for children, and barrier-free

There are things in life that one should simply not risk. For little adventurers a normal window handle can be very dangerous. Particularly if the windows are several storeys above the ground. GAYKO's special "tilt before turn" design provides safety here. The GAYKOCOMFORT handle provides help for barriers that are hard to overcome. The handle is installed horizontally at the bottom of the sash and is easy to reach from a sitting position.