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Protection against housebreaking

How secure is your home really?

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When do break-ins occur?
Source: Cologne study 2011



Your home should be a place of security and safety at all times of the day. And yet, according to the crime statistics, a break-in occurs every 2 minutes in Germany. About 70% of these crimes involve lifting out the window casements, not by smashing the glass. With conventional windows that takes only a few seconds. Make it difficult or impossible for burglars to break in to your house. This hazard can be effectively prevented by protective measures, especially in the façade area. Appropriately secured windows and doors are thereby the most important components.


How can you have effective protection?

A break-in can usually be effectively prevented with suitable GAYKOSafeGA fittings. Investigations have shown that most burglars will give up trying to break in to a house if they have not succeeded in gaining entry within about 5 minutes. Windows and doors equipped with GAYKOSafeSA will withstand attempts to break in. All the components - frame, fittings and glass - are built with DIN-compliant burglary-resistant features.


Where do the burglars try to break in?
Source: Cologne study 2006



Did you know that almost 50% of break-ins are through the window?