Wussten Sie schon: Dass alle vor 1995 produzierten Fenster technisch völlig veraltet sind?

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Today, only very few people have the fortune to live in an area without any noise nuisance. Whatever could disturb your peace and relaxation, with GAYKO insulating windows there will be more quiet. The sound reduction index of a GAYKO window with the "comfort" option is already 32 dB. With increased sound insulation, the thicknesses of the outer and inner panes are different. Rule of thumb: The more the panes differ in thickness, the higher is the sound reduction index. Certified noise reducing windows from GAYKO are available for sound insulation classes 1 to 5 (25 - 49 dB), offering you a suitable design for every situation. The GAYKO specialist partner will help you to choose the right sound insulation.


With this audio test you can simulate the attenuation effect of the possible sound insulation classes for windows*. Please adjust your loudspeaker so that in sound insulation class 0 you hear an unpleasantly loud noise. Then you can use the slider to simulate different classes.

GAYKO comfort line:
Even with comfort line 100, GAYKO windows achieve sound insulation class 2. With GAYKOESP the heavier panes are not a problem in higher sound insulation classes.

Note: The actual sound absorption can vary, depending on the type of house, the noise source and its distance. Copyright: The sound examples are protected by intellectual property rights.

Sound insulation
Noise levels Traffic type Distance
from house
Window system/
Sound ins. class,
weighted difference
0 = 50 dB Residential road
10-50 veh/h
over 35 m 25 dB GAYKO Windows
70 / 90 mm installation
depth: test certf.
1 = 25-29 dB
I = 51-55 dB Residential road
10-50 veh/h
26-35 m 30 dB GAYKO Windows
70 / 90 mm installation 
depth: test certf.
2 = 30-34 dB
II = 56-60 dB Residential road
50-200 veh/h
   26-35 m 35 dB GAYKO Windows
70 / 90 mm installation
depth: test certf.
3 = 35-39 dB
III = 61-65 dB Main road  
1000-3000 veh/h
 100-300 m 40 dB GAYKO Windows
70 / 90 mm installation 
depth: test certf.
4 = 40-44 dB
IV = 66-70 dB Main road 
1000-3000 veh/h
  36-100 m 45 dB GAYKO Windows
70 / 90 mm installation
depth: test certf.
5 = 45-49 dB
V = > 70 dB Expressway 
3000-5000 veh/h
less than   
    100 m
50 dB GAYKO Windows
70 / 90 mm installation  
depth: test certf.
6 = > 50 dB
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