Type 100

The high comfort version

Even in the comfort version, GAYKO windows have a high quality, extremely resilient and durably stable construction, which is metal reinforced as a matter of principle and equipped with the GAYKOESP Extremely Stable Profile fastening in the frame. High quality, galvanically-enhanced branded fittings, reinforced stay arm bearings and a self-locking handle provide for additional security through stability. Modern thermally insulating double glazing provides for basic thermal insulation of a high standard. All windows are already designed for good sound insulation and offer above-average ease of use with protection against incorrect operation and slamming shut. The particularly corrosion-proof sash lifter ensures easy closing of the sash.



GAYKO basic features


Stable construction:

  •  metal reinforced
  • with GAYKOESP in frame
  • grey seal (with white frame)
  • filler strip


High quality fittings:


  • galvanically-enhanced branded fittings
  • self-locking handle
  • reinforced stay arm bearing

High thermal insulation:

  • thermally thermal insulation glass with
    Ug-value 0.5 W/(m
  • ‘Warm edge’ thermal edge bond


Good sound insulation:

  • Sound insulation glass 32 dB (SK 2)


  • Basic version with 3 locking points*

Great ease of use:

  • sash lifter
  • protection against incorrect operation and slamming shut
* from sash rebate height 800 mm